Present us with a design and WLWYB will take care of the rest. We source and ship all the LEGO parts - in record time. Don’t worry about expenses while trying to make money out of your MOC. Don’t worry whether you have all the LEGO parts ready. Nor should you be afraid of any hidden costs.

What you see is what you get!

MOCHUB goes further than any other MOC selling website!
Not only do we provide the technological platform to sell and buy MOCs, we also provide accessible and personalised support for both the builder and the customer to ensure that no one is left behind! MOCHUB is user friendly and super easy to navigate. Customers are just one click away from buying your MOC!


First of all, decide to get onboard with us. Once this decision has been made, we´ll walk you through the process of becoming an Early Bird. Submit a part list for your MOC and together we will MOCtimize it so it can work as a to-be-sold-item. Although there will be a promotion campaign before the launch, we still need and want you to promote yourself. You are the one whose MOC is going to be put out there, so make it count! What we can give you is a solid base for fulfilling the “I want that right now” craving of your fans. Let´s be honest, we all know that feeling when we’ve seen a MOC and just need to have it. All you have to do is drop your fans a link to our site where your MOC will be promoted.

BTW: In the long run we want MOCHUB to be the place where people can browse for cool and unique gifts. You can be part of it right from the start.







Our main aim is to make selling and attaining MOCs as easy as it can be. You as a builder will provide a part list. WLWYB will MOCtimize that list- i.e. going over the parts to make sure it is available and checking whether there´s a possibility to make it less pricy for customers. Your MOCtimizing report will be send to you for your approval. Nothing will be changed without your permission. Once the report is done, the MOC will be ready for selling. No need to worry, you don´t have to build every MOC you sell! Present us with the idea and we will deliver the LEGO parts. It’s the customer who gets to enjoy building the MOC in the end.


Don´t stress about what you’ve got. We are there for you. We will make sure that your MOC can be commercialised. Together, we´ll find a way to gather all the information that is needed. We accept all formats for the part list- spreadsheets, videos, word documents- just submit it and we´ll figure it out. Rest assured: Your MOC is your MOC. You keep the rights for it. We´re only promoting it. We don’t take the credit for your MOC.

Most importantly: Don´t sweat it! After you give us a part list, we´ll come up with a so called MOCtimizing report, (as discussed above). From the report, we´ll suggest a selling price. The base cost covers the price of the LEGO parts needed for your MOC as well as a flat rate shipping fee (worldwide). On top of that - what we’ve suggested as a selling price - will be divided into a 70/ 30 share. You as a builder obviously get the bigger piece of the cake. However, you are free to set the selling price as high or low as you want, as long as it covers the base cost.

The very moment a customer buys your MOC, you will be notified via email about the purchase. MOCHUB also presents an overview for all the MOCs you’ve sold, how much you made from them and so on. Our customers pay via PayPal. Your payments are also done through PayPal. There are no restrictions on how often, how much or when you are able to withdraw your money from MOCHUB. All you need to do to retrieve your money is log into your account and request for the money to be withdrawn into your personal PayPal account. Easy-peasy.

Sharing means caring, but not all the time. We respect your intellectual property rights to the fullest and we will never try to take away the rights to your MOC. We also want you to do the same; you are responsible for what you’ve uploaded onto MOCHUB. You are not allowed to upload anyone else´s MOCs, claiming it as your own creation. We will do everything in our power to ensure IP rights are respected.


Once your MOC is uploaded, it still remains your MOC. The IP rights are yours and you can revoke it at anytime without explaining the reasons for it on our platform. However, we will revoke the product if there are any complaints made about the IP.


What’s important- franchise branded and trademarked MOCs may harm a brand and are not allowed to be used on MOCHUB.



Can´t wait to be part of MOCHUB? No problem! If you´re a builder and want to become an Early Bird just go to and sign up. We´ll get in touch with you ASAP. If you´re a fan who's eager to see which builders are on MOCHUB and what MOCs are available for purchase, sign up to our newsletter now!

The site will be launched on November 1st. Until then, there´s a lot to know about MOCHUB, so don´t miss a thing!





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